Meet Mild Woman


Hey, friends. ✌️ Jess here. You may know me from Instagram or from my guest posts on Fringe Association. Maybe you've knit the Beach Tank before, or you've been stalking the internet for the release of the Resist Hat (it's here, finally!). No matter how you've landed here, we couldn't be more thrilled to share Mild Woman with you.

So what is Mild Woman? We're a team of obsessive knitters creating simple designs that you'll love to make and wear. No fussy details here – we're all about functional, beautiful objects created with intention and purpose. 

And this is just the beginning! New patterns are in the works with much more to come. Have a big idea for a collaboration, event, or something else? Drop us a line. And in the meantime, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the Rav for all the inspiration feels.

Here's to forging a collective future of craft, creative problem-solving, resilience, and community. 💪

Jess Schreibstein